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LED Wall services are ideal for outdoor events as well as festivals such as weddings and receptions, nightclubs and DJ events, promotions and marketing, conventions and shows as well as concert and entertainment venues. With the amazing and beautiful colors these lighting systems come with, they transform events from just an ordinary one to a more almighty one! There are various companies in San Diego, California, that offer LED Wall rental services at very affordable prices.
Check out some of the lighting elements below, and pick out that which suits your need, whether a wedding, a party or a concert.
1) Backdrops and draping
The success of any wedding entirely depends on the backdrops. Unfortunately, many people tend to focus on other things and completely forget about the backdrop. A backdrop is very significant since it will hide the unattractive of an area that doesn’t go with your design, and make visible the elements that truly matter. Being just a one- time event, you can make the most of your wedding day by incorporating Up-lights into your backdrop. Adding the Up-lights will go a long way towards adding beautiful as well as colorful design elements to your backdrops. When you put the Up-lights on your backdrop, there will be addition of certain wash of colors to the backdrop.
Draping, on the other hand goes together with lighting, making a powerful combination which will blow away your mind just at the first glance.
2) Market/String Light
Market lights are string lights that offer lighting for both indoor and outdoor events such as parties, weddings and corporate events. Also known as Bistro lights or Ping Pong lights, Market lights transform the atmosphere by creating a warm and romantic atmosphere, giving any occasion or event an intimate touch and feel. Regardless of the weather, you can be sure to begin and end your event perfectly as well as successfully as the lights are always the high quality ones, shining beautifully and with poise, even in an unfavorable weather condition. You can contact the top companies in San Diego for LED Wall rental services that will give you services that exceed your expectations.
3) Wireless Up-lights/LED Up-lights
For a high quality lighting design, go for LED Up-lights. It is considered the lighting element that can transform any ordinary event, turning it into an amazingly elegant one. LED Up-lights has a way of providing not only the feel but also changing the look of an event to perfectly fit its theme. With the various graceful colors it comes with, The LED Up-lights can also change the mood of your event. The colors are there for you to choose those that will fit perfectly within the theme of your wedding. Amber, for instance, due to its warmth, will provide an elegant feel to your wedding. The colors are also conducive to the atmosphere.
So easy to use, this lighting element can be customized to any given color, to compliment some other elements in your event design. Such designs include floral and linens. These LED Up-lights also adds a wash of color on architectural features including building frontages and columns. It also can add the wash of color on walls. For venues with minimal or no power, Wireless LED Up-lights are always the best option. They come as battery powered and can as well be remotely controlled without the cables or the power chords.
4) Custom Gobo/Gobo Patterns
If looking for a personal touch like no other in your event then go for the Custom Gobo. It is an incredibly elegant lighting element that makes a statement in your event, making it highly notable as well as unique. The Gobo patterns, which normally come in foliage, abstract design or architectural design, have a way of putting patterns of light on walls as well as on dance floors. This adds a fantastic and fun dimension to the dance floors.
With any of these lighting elements, you can be sure of high quality LED display that will leave your event unique, outstanding and above all, impactful. Coming in the most advanced technology, you are guaranteed a matchless brightness as well as clarity for any given type of event, weather and location. Contact us today for superior and budget friendly LED displays service anywhere in San Diego, California.



In the very beginning God created light so that the world then might be visible. The importance of light to mankind is very clear to everyone who cares to have a little bit of observation of events around us today.

Scientists have discovered the importance attached to light; hence their resolve to give us variety of lighting designs for diverse events. Many social events became an instant flop because of inadequate lighting or poor lighting conditions as the case may be.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to mirror quality LED wall lighting in California. Are you organizing a special event; convention; promotions and marketing; trade shows; weddings and many more social events? You are in need of a rental service provider for such needs? Then LED WALL is the solution to those needs. Don’t just have any other thought or plan, your expectations will be met 100%. A trial will prove to you that what l have just said is an understatement.

These services are custom made for those in the region of San Diego. It is designed and configured for you; the very best you can get out of LED lighting. Their LED walls are the people’s choice for great events. The experience is there; we work in concert with everybody involved both human and material resources to create a spectacular production.

We are up to date. The LED technology we use is one of, if not the most advanced in San Diego. We guarantee you unmatched brightness for any of your occasion. The level of clarity that you will get through us cannot be matched by our competitors.

Our panels are modular in design and modeled in such a way for it to be easily transported. Not only that, the size of our panels is such that it can be easily accommodated by an average space. The size of your event venue is no big deal. We will conveniently fit in and give the best clarity that you can ever dream of. When we talk of comfort and multi-purpose delivery, you will find both in LED Wall.

Is your event an indoor or an outdoor event? No need to worry because we are capable of giving you the rental service suitable for your event needs. Just tell us want you want and leave the rest to us. Our teams of event handlers are professionals who are at the top of the game.

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For sure you want to capture attention of people around your event; LED walls do that perfectly to your delight. You want the lighting details of your event to stand out? Please come to us and we will surprise you with our level of technology that we take along to events that we are contracted to handle. The clients will flock to your promotional booth like honey to the bee hive. We have the technology to achieve this.

Are you planning a wedding? We will create a landscape that is higher than your dreams on your wedding day. Our LED Walls helps you bring in the amount of vibrancy, thematic visuals and the much needed elegance to bear on that day. It is your special day; let us give your guests a special treat.

If there any industry that is pulling attention today, then the gaming event is one of such that appeals to diverse audience. Our LED walls is designed to give you high resolution that serves as the ideal large screen for your gaming convention. Whatever your target audience is; we will make sure that you get their eyes in the event of a gaming convention.

The high resolution LED walls discussed above can also be used as backdrops. Further, it can be used as displays in the event that you are organizing a promotional booth for your product or service. We afford you the choice to present logos; videos and images. What we will deliver; will measure above your expectations.

Are you planning a holiday party or is it a concert? Give us that call now and you will be happy you did. Our customer care team is made up of core professionals. Your interest here is the number one priority.

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